Experience and professionalism

We are one of the largest textile plants in Poland, providing textile finishing and processing services. The development of our technologies is based on the following three pillars: sustainable development, customer needs and quality. We are responding to trends in textile industry development by, among other things, using organic raw materials for production.

We respond to customer needs with the utmost commitment and expertise. We are a reliable and trustworthy business partner, ready to provide technological support to the customer.

Janis employs qualified staff with many years of experience in the industry. It has its own chemical and metrology laboratory that works on colour developments and quality analysis. Our graphics studio works on the quality of the print files and develops print patterns in line with current textile trends.

Innovative and creative services

The research and development department and the graphic studio provide: the development of new dyeing colours, new technologies for customer needs and the design of new patterns for printing, also on customer request.

Together with the Textile Institute, we have developed a project to create innovative UV-protective textiles.

Quality Control

Having implemented a proper quality control system, the Company ensures that patterns and colours have high repeatability and are correct.
The metrological laboratory provides reports on the resistance, properties and metrological parameters of materials.

The control of production parameters is performed at various production stages and at the final stage. We carry out metrological tests at our own laboratory.  By ensuring the continuity of our quality control processes, we take the greatest care about continuous improvement of the quality of the services we provide and the products we offer.