We carry out our production processes in a way that is least disruptive to the environment.

We therefore make a thoughtful use of our own resources in our production processes, including:

  • we reduce the generation of textile waste; the waste which is sent instead for processing into other raw materials
  • we optimise production processes in terms of water, energy and waste consumption
  • we use a special technology to recover water from sewage
  • we recover heat energy from flue gases and wastewater
  • we optimise bath liquoration in dyeing machines
  • our transport vehicles are based on electric and hybrid engines
  • we segregate municipal waste
  • we do not use plastic cups at drinking water dispensers
  • we work with fabrics and knits of organic origin (organic, ecovero)
  • we develop production processes for recycled textiles

Every day, we take care to perform our services as naturally as possible and with respect for the environment.

We work in the spirit of social responsibility. We place importance to ensure safety, personal development and health of our employees.