The scope of services provided on client's material

We offer a broad range of textile finishing, dyeing and finishing processes of knitted and woven fabrics.

We specialise in the following services : dyeing, bleaching, washing, stabilisation, raising and shearing, application of finishes (softening, anti-pilling, hydrophobic and oleophobic, fire-resistant, bacteriostatic, finishes for digital reactive and pigment printing), tumbling, enzymatic treatment and compacting. Our raw materials include: cotton, linen, viscose, polyester, polyamide, wool and their blends; on fabrics, such as single jerseys, interlock, frotte, velour, fleece, satin, and other.

We develop new colours for dyeing at our own chemical-metrology laboratory and control them at various production stages.

We provide thousands of colours that we have already created.

Our research and development department ensures that new shades and technologies are developed to tailor customer needs.