We offer knitted and woven fabrics printed by means of reactive digital printing. These materials come from reputable Polish or foreign manufacturers.

The materials can be printed either with  a pattern, designed by the customer or with a pattern developed at our graphic studio. We have got samples of all materials we use for printing and a database of several thousand print patterns.

Our offer of ready-made printed materials

janis 20 tkaniny zadrukowane

The graphics studio designs patterns for printing.  They are either painted or graphically designed. Customised designs can be made on customer’s request. We have got a database with thousands of design projects, which is updated with future trends.  This ensures that the print designs are unique and in line with the industry trends.

Catalogue of designed patterns for printing

Data that will allow us to accurately price the ordered service and carry out production:

  • the size of pattern repeat or of elements in the pattern
  • pattern file format
  • a reference sample

All design projects are completed with maintained copyright, creating patterns which are either inspired or our own, original works. We also make use of paid databases of patterns.