The Company’s history

A family business with 100% Polish capital, founded by Janusz Wlachos in 1989. Its name is the Greek equivalent of the founder’s name.

Since its foundation, the Janis Company has been specialising in textile finishing and refinement. Since 2018, the Company has also been involved in digital reactive printing on woven fabrics and knitwear.

The textile education of the founder and of the management board members has contributed to the company’s dynamic growth.

In 1993, a new production shop was put into operation. Since then, the factory has steadily been expanding, implementing the latest industry developments and employing more and more staff. In the subsequent years, the production facility was several times enlarged, while the implementation of new technologies involved the expansion of the machinery stock. The multiple collapses of the textile market in Poland meant that the experience, gained during crisis periods, helped manage risks more effectively and create better strategies for the company.

Keeping its roots in mind, the Company is managed in the spirit of fascination with textiles, where the overriding values include state-of-the-art technology and the quality of rendered services.

Nowadays, the Company’s efforts are focused on the export of services and materials printed with reactive digital printing.


Guiding values

We run a responsible family business and have all the time been putting our values into it, constantly developing and being passionate about the subsequent orders and requirements of our Customers.  We combine tradition with modern trends. We are open to market innovations and customer needs.


A long-term perspective on cooperation


Team unity


Short lead time


Expertise and professional counselling



Scientific cooperation

The company has for years been cooperating with research and academic institutions, such as the Technical University of Lodz, the Textile Institute, the Łukasiewicz Research Network and ProAkademia, developing modern solutions and innovations for the industry.

Funding & grants