Production Facility


For working out new colors our computer measuring programme is combined with spectrophotometer and robotized automatic laboratory dyeing machine.

Our laboratory is equipped with high quality dying machines which provide adequate conditions as during the production process. We can also detect and measure resistance to various factors (e.g. light, friction, etc.).

Computer controlled dying machines of capacities from 60kg to1000kg allow us to adjust to individual quantity needs of our clients.

Due to the differences in construction of our dying devices we can offer finishing of many kinds of fabrics, including the so called “difficult ones”.

Correct knit properties (e.g.shrinkage, etc.) can be easily obtained by our stenter frames.

Felt compactors guarantee obtaining proper shrinkage.

Raising effect is supported by double drums machines.

Shearing device is used to produce fleece fabrics.

All of the machines are computer controlled and retention of parameter setup guarantees high repeatability.

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Our firm “JANIS”

was established in 1989 as one of the first private firms of the kind after the political transformation that took place in Poland.


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